Lil' Batiste Tunic TOP


The comfy Lil' Batiste Tunic™ top is made of the same fine 100% cotton seersucker fabric as its coordinate Lil' Blümer™. For boy, or girl. The lightweight long sleeve shirt keeps the sun off tender arms. A single closure is seated at the back of the neckline low enough to keep baby comfortable. Match with TS Bucket & Sun hats. Locate available Seersucker prints in its namesakes album for your perfect dud.

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24 m
Big Kiddos:

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Woven Cotton Seersucker Gingham Brown
Woven Cotton Seersucker Gingham Black
Woven Cotton Seersucker Gingham Red
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Classic Cotton Seersucker Lime
Classic Cotton Seersucker Pink
Classic Cotton Seersucker Black

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