Wee Woolie Snapper Diaper Cover

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Turtle Soup's Lil' Woolie Snapper™ is the best choice for covering your cloth diapers. Let's face it, wool is impressive. It has this wondrous ability to hold nearly 40% of its weight in fluid without feeling wet & allows moisture to evaporate. Not only does wool allow air to circulate through its fibers, but its natural antibacterial properties make it a perfect fiber for diapering.

Choose from non-itchy wools such as Merino, Cashmere, Angora & soft Lambswool. They are bound with bright fold over elastic & close with poly resin snaps for a secure comfy fit. Use winter, or summer and up to seven days if not soiled. Wool fibers provide a nice drier barrier for baby day, or night because wool breathes better. Wool by nature and contains natural oils that can be reintroduced when using a lanolin wash. Laundering is a cinch; hand washed, or by machine in a gentle [low agitated] cycle with a wool wash such as Eucalan®. Hang to dry or lay flat. Size small and medium/large.

Choose from our selection of wools:

Classic Fit™ Small: 14 inch rise/to 18 pounds
Classic Fit™ Medium-Large: 15 inch rise/to 28 pounds

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